Friday, August 10, 2012

Only 10 more episodes EVER of Gossip girl?!

Autumn is growing nearer despite Sweden having some excellent weather for the first time this summer. Due to the fact that the TV channels are slowly starting up new seasons I wanted to check in on a few of the series I follow.

To my big disappointment I learnt that Gossip girl, my favourite series next to Vampire diaries (don't judge me) at the moment, will air its last season this autumn, starting from October in the US.*

Not only is it last season, it will only be 10 episodes. That's some big pulling off with all that's been happening lately since they're usually above 20 episodes per season. It might get a retrospective wrap up though, but still.

It will be a gap in my calendar every Sunday. Why are my series not continuing? I'm still not really over the fact that Legend of the seeker and Stargate Universe was shut down in 2010. I'm also not happy with the fact that Game of thrones season 2 won't be shown here until 2013 despite it being aired this spring in the US and on Swedish pay-TV, scandal I say!

Thankfully both Grey's anatomy and Vampire diaries will continue as normal this autumn.

* No clue when it will hit channel 5 in Sweden. November?

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