Monday, August 06, 2012

Music Monday: Spice Girls

With no radio in the car, at the moment, me and my friend start singing on songs that have gotten stuck during the years, one of them for me is Viva forever by Spice girls. It's always been my favourite since the first time I heard it and to my mum's annoyance - I immediately ended up on repeat.

Viva forever was released on Spice girl's second album: Spiceworld and the video features the five of them as fairies in a forest. Not long after did Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell), my favourite, leave the group. The song was changed to a four-piece at live performances. It wasn't until their reunion tour in 2008 which it finally was performed as a five-piece again as the original, together with Geri Halliwell.

Beginning in November this year (2012) there will be a new musical called Viva forever at Piccadilly Theatre (UK) which is based on the songs of the Spice Girls.

Viva forever (original) by Spice girls

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