Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lübeck love bridge: where lovers unite forever

The custom of putting love locks on bridges and fences exist all around the world. I have seen numerous pictures from Paris and other places but never in real life. To my surprise I found a love bridge in Lübeck on the bridge Professorenbrücke (An der Obertrave) near where Pride festival was celebrated 2012, when I was visiting. Great location for a festival celebrating all love.

Love locks on the love bridge in Lübeck with Pride festival in the background
Photo: © Petite Caja

The concept of love locks, or love padlocks which they're also called, is to write or engrave the names of you and your partner on a lock, fasten the lock on a special bridge or fence and together throw away the key because then you will be together forever. In Lübeck you can even get it engraved on the spot at a nearby goldsmith!

Love locks on chains in Lübeck with Pride in the background
Photo: © Petite Caja

Love locks all over the world have been threatened to be removed because they're an eyesore, or because they damage the bridges. In Lübeck though there are special chains on Professorenbrücke where you can attach your lock. According to an article on 360cities the mayor have promised to put up more chains if they run out of space, so the lovers won't damage the bridge and can continue with their love tradition.

Love locks on chains and some zebra coloured knitting
Photo: © Petite Caja

I think love bridges (love locks) are beautiful and very romantic. I believe it's something to protect and not something to remove. If only the ones in charge and the lovers can compromise like in Lübeck it doesn't need to be a problem.


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