Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Free culture? Such an audacity!

I was in Lund some days ago and while walking by the city library I noticed a very colourful cabinet. Me and my friend decided to check it out.

Inside the cabinet was books and some comics, all free to take. You could take one and give to a friend who might be interested, you could also take one to read - write some words in it - and then hand it back to the cabinet or just keep the book

I didn't find a book of my fancy but I was intrigued. Why don't more libraries do something like this? I know it's almost the same as a library book (but those you MUST return and NOT give away). What caught me most though was the fun and colourful cabinet!

Text: Take a book! Book on the run
Photo: © Petite Caja
The concept sparked a thought though: what would happen if it was CD:s or DVD:s in there? It's not ok to download but is it ok to lay music and movies in a physical cabinet for all to share for free?

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