Sunday, August 12, 2012

A yearly sky show by the Perseids

Me and a friend was out on a nowhere road* tonight to watch the culmination of the Perseids which is a yearly meteor shower from the comet Swift-Tuttle which swings by Earth every 133 years (last time 1992). The Perseids can best be seen in the Northern hemisphere due to Swift-Tuttle's orbit and its name comes from Perseus which is the star constellation (North-East) which they seem to come from.

For an hour I bent my neck backwards to see some "falling stars" and the ones I counted was 14 but I think I saw around 20. I saw some really strong ones and some that almost felt like faint  illusions. A bit after midnight though a big cloud was taking over the sky and the cold was taking over my feet so it was time to get into the car and home again, unfortunately.

I also think I saw the Milky way on the sky, it was much bigger now than when I maybe saw it in the US last year. The Big Dipper though which was huge and near the horizon in the US was back to where I'm used to see it, a bit higher up, and in its regular, a bit smaller, size.

It was truly amazing being out tonight! The last couple of years I've been forced to see clouds and just one or two "falling stars" in the cracks. Next year, no matter where I am, I will take a blanket out in nowhere and something hot to drink and just lie there for hours.

* which is harder than you might think to find in the lower half of Sweden, it's lights, houses and towns everywhere! My spot wasn't even optimal but it worked.

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