Thursday, July 26, 2012

What summer should feel like

I'm just checking in to say hello. :)

It's been around 25 degrees Celsius (77F) here since Tuesday and it improves my state of mind, warmth melts me. Wind and cold makes me unmovable and slow. It's like the warmth lubricates the wheels in my mind and the joints in my body.

I've mostly been reading on the balcony. Just finished The blue notebook by James A. Levine (review will come later) which I started yesterday. The book grabbed me, it's about child prostitution in Mumbai, India. I've also finished my English résumé and soon my identical Swedish one (I will show you when both are finished how alike they are).

This summer really didn't bring many warm days in Sweden so I'm enjoying every minute of the warmth and sun. June and most of July has been a bit colder and windier than I like and rainy/cloudy. I've heard it will be cloudy this weekend again but I hope the sun will come back next week!


  1. Låter som en bra dag :)
    Jag hoppas också att solen kommer visa sig lite mer den här sommaren!

    1. Det hoppas jag med, det får inte bli höst för tidigt nu!


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