Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some must have wearable peacocks on Etsy

Dangling necklace [link]
Size: chain 29,9" / 76 cm, pendant: 3,3" / 8,5cm * 1,49" / 3,8cm
Simply gorgeous. There's not much to say about this, it speaks for itself. It works well for sprucing up your party outfit or just together with jeans and a white top. It truly is an attention grabber!

Extension clip [link]
Size: 12" / 30cm long, can be made shorter/longer
Obs: It can also be made into an earring upon request
Not only is it gorgeous but the seller tries to make every piece unique, so not only will you feel special with this in your hair, you will know you're original too. Gorgeous specially during spring-autumn depending on what you wear with it.

Cameo necklace [link]
Size: chain: 18" / 46cm, cameo: 1" / 2,5cm * 1,5" / 3,81cm
Truly charming necklace. I think it would work best with a dress with beautiful cleavage, v-neck or oval-rounded. It has a slight victorian feel and would therefore also work with steampunk dresses.

Hair clip [link]
Size: 2,25" / 5,7cm long, 1,75" / 4,4cm tall
This beautiful hair clip is perfect for going to a special event like a wedding or dinner party. It will truly highlight your hair and make you feel special. Since it's attached with alligator clip you can also put it as an ornament on a hat or hair band.

Pocket watch [link]
Size: chain: 31" / 79cm, watch: 1,37" / 3,5cm
Not only will you know what the time is, you will know so in style without cluttering up your arm with a bulky watch. Perfect for those who don't like wrist watches (like me) or just want to know the time while looking pretty!

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