Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: The invisible

This was one weird movie but with a great soundtrack. It was in a way like watching a train crash in slow motion. It felt like someone tried to put the action drama format on a teen movie: it has hard cut scenes with beatings, gun fights and police chases. It was intriguing though.

The invisible (2007) evolve around the perfect Nick and the tough and problematic Annie. Nick's friend ratted Annie out to the police about a robbery but he makes her believe Nick did it and she therefore give him a beating, which takes a bad turn. It leaves her and her friends believing Nick's dead so they dump him in a sewer in the woods. He isn't dead. The next day he goes to school just to find out he's a spirit in limbo who can't be seen or heard. As a spirit he get to see how is stone cold mother cares and he get to know Annie as he follows her and tries to get her to hear him so she can save him. He's reported missing and the search begins while Annie tries to outrun the law.

During the first half of the movie I wondered if anything at all would happen since the lead role just walked around without being able to do anything, just scream in anger at people. The second part when Annie, as the only person, can sense and hear him it gets more interesting but it's just not believable. I mean sure, it's fantasy but nonetheless you want the characters and their actions to feel real.

One thing that confused me though was Annie's clothes. In the first half of the movie she always wore a cap which covered and stuffed all her (long!) hair in, almost like a uniform, until she suddenly sheds her dark clothes and cap. After that she's seen more without the cap than with and toward the end the cap is no more. It might have been a way to, at first, visually connect her to a mean street thug and then to visually show her personal growth as she sheds her tough exterior and starts to want to do the right thing. When I watched the movie though I thought her adamant hiding of the hair was going to have a meaning later on as you learned more about her.

I really liked though how the characters developed and understood more about each other. Life isn't black or white. I also think that the acting was pretty good, specially considering that one the actors during the scenes aren't supposed to be seen or heard. I specially like one scene when Nick stands right in front of Annie screaming at her and she's in her own bubble trying to handle her own issues. What I would have liked though from the actors is more thought before doing something instead of just doing as it says in the script.

Without making any spoilers I must say that the end isn't what the movie built up for. I think the writer wanted to take a new turn (kind of didn't though) but I think there are many ways to stay away from a classic ending than the one this movie made, but that's just me.

I've learnt that it's based on a Swedish movie: Den osynlige (The invisible) from 2002 so I'm going to see that one soon just to see how different it is from the Hollywood version.

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