Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review: City of Ember

This movie is a family fantasy based on Jeanne Duprau's book with the same name. It's about people living deep under ground with light bulbs above in a city called City of Ember due to a disaster on earth. Today, 250 years later no one remembers why but they know it only exist light in Ember and darkness everywhere else - it's forbidden to leave.


250 years ago the scientists or as the people now call them: the builders, made a box with instructions on how to leave Ember and get back to the surface again (when it's safe) after 200 years. The idea was to pass the box on mayor to mayor... until the 7th one dies with only 47 years to go on the countdown.

Now: The city is going under, the generator which is giving everyone light is shutting down now and then - longer every time, food is running out and the pipes can only be mended never changed.... Lina Mayfleet, a descendant to the 7th mayor, finds the box in a closet in her home and together with her friend Doon she unveil its mystery.

I think this is a pretty good movie, a nice feel good movie. What I liked the most is the setting (though both that and the actress for Lina reminded me of the Grinch movie in a way). I learned after seeing the movie that 2008 the set for City of Ember was the biggest ever made. They built the whole city with library, school, mayor's house, yarn store etc. and I think that added a little bit of something to the movie. It wasn't just sets or shells as usual, it was truly a city with several floors on the houses which they could shoot in. That's impressive.

The movie is definitely worth a watch but I wouldn't really say it was worth a buy. The mystery and how it reveals itself and how it's so much to see  (since the whole city was built on set) makes it entertaining and you really don't know what happens next. I must say though, those builders really could build!

City of Ember by ~SpeedLimit-Infinity on deviantART

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