Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review: The blue notebook by James A. Levine

This book isn't something for young readers since it's harsh, brutal and involve sex. Interested?

Well... it's more than that it's about a 15 year old girl in Mumbai, India, whose name is Batuk. She's a child prostitute and through her writing in a little notebook and on papers she can get a hold of you get to know her and her past - how she at 9 became a prostitute. It's her writing you read.

It's a book about the backside of life and about inner strength. It's about the love of writing, of telling your own story and being someone - a name, a person beyond the surface. It's more than a common story about a girl with a tough life. The end of the notebook is what you expect while being what you didn't expect at all.

I find The blue notebook interesting and grabbing. It's in a way hard to grasp while I sit in my Western home that there are children around the world who has it like this and worse every day! That's why I think it's an important book to read. I suck in the words as I read them and I feel her pain and her joy. I feel the hope in all the despair, I connect with her through her words written down the few moments when she has time.

The book originated from when the author James A. Levine was in Mumbai on The street of cages. There, leaning toward a blue steel gate (the entrance to her small cage/room) Levine saw a girl writing in a blue notebook. That girl inspired the book and foremost the protagonist Batuk.

I don't have much more to say about this book except: READ IT! It's a must.

More information:

Swedish title: Den blÄ dagboken - James A. Levine
I read the Swedish translation

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