Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Justin Bieber sued by woman without ear plugs

A normal person either take with them ear plugs or buy them in the vicinity of the arena (someone is always selling them) but apparently not this woman who went to a Justin Bieber concert with her daughter two years ago, without earplugs, and got tinnitus.

She now sues Bieber, the record label, the concert promoter AND the arena for 9,2 million dollars. It's sad that she got tinnitus and has trouble sleeping but come on it's her own fault! I can't say I know much about Bieber but if I ever would end up at a concert I would make sure to wear ear plugs to stay safe from screaming beliebers we all know will be there. She really couldn't have been that clueless to the noise levels beforehand but no matter what, it's her responsibility to take care of herself - no one else's.

I really do hope she doesn't get a dollar out of this lawsuit, because really, a woman old enough to have a child should have more intelligence than to leave the ear plugs at home.

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  1. This story seems funny, but it also shows how being careless can cost one his/her hearing. But I wonder about her daughter. I hope she had the sense to buy her a pair of earplugs. If she can’t take care of her own hearing, I just hope she would at least go the extra mile for her daughter. Also, I wish she learned her lesson already. Justin Bieber concert or not, it’s always best to bring a pair of earplugs.

    Darren Mcandrews


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