Saturday, June 16, 2012

Three failed batches of muffins(!)

I've been the muffins master ever since I first tried it, I loved making muffins... until today. I tried two batches in my muffins machine and one in the oven - all of them fell flat and hard no matter what I did. I had even double checked the ingredients before I started to make sure they were all fresh! The thing I didn't check was that my bottle of liquid butter (melting is too tedious) was a mix of oil and butter.

No wonder all of my muffins fell flat and leaked! So, now I am making dinner and afterwards I'm going to the store to get my real liquid butter without buddies inside. If all goes well I'm going to have a little photo shoot afterwards (if it's not nightfall by then).

This just isn't right,
this and this is

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