Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some must have crochet on Etsy

Penguin pillow [link]
Size: 13" / 33cm round
Just adorable, truly amazing little thing that would be lovely in a children's room or just for the penguin lover.

Flowers [link]
Size: 30-35 mm / 1,18-1,37"
Amount: 10pcs
Colours: 57 to choose from
Obs: Made to order
This could be used for an array of things, to spruce up a jacket, hair piece or dress, or maybe for a party or wedding. There are endless opportunities!

Barefoot sandal [link]
Size: One size, hearts: 3,2cm / 1,3"
If you're like me one of those who like to walk barefoot then this is something for you! It also works as embellishment with shoes. It can go from hippie style to more dressed up depending on what you wear with them.

Hearts [link]
Size: 5 x 5cm / 2 x 2"
Amount: 5pcs, as seen on picture
Aren't they just adorable? It can be used for anything, just as the flowers above. Maybe perfect in a gift for that Special Someone and your anniversary?

Tea pot hood [link]
Size: 22 cm / 9" wide, 20cm / 8" high (not including roses)
Works on: 1,2 litre tea pot
The perfect hoodie for a tea party in the garden, specially with tiny cups with roses on. Pretty AND practical.

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  1. so cuuuteee :)


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