Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some must have bags and purses on Etsy

Vintage messenger bag [link]
Size: 17"
This is perfect for your laptop or maybe your school things. It has this dark and used look which is the best one in messenger bags and even though the title on the ad says "men's laptop bag" I'd say it's unisex. It's the perfect autumn bag.

Rhinestone feather purse [link]
Size: 5" / 12,7cm tall, 8" / 20cm wide
Note: it comes with a short and long chain
This is just stunning. This is definitely a bag which can be used for more than weddings, I think it fits both for dressed up and dressed down occasions - just wear it proudly and with the right accessories.

Bunny purse [link]
Size: Kisslock width: 3 1/3" / 8.5cm, widest point and height: 4" / 10cm
This is just adorable! Works great for kids and the cutesy nerd of adult age. Neat little pouch to store some change or maybe keys and lipstick in.

Owl bag [link]
Size: 14 1/2" / 37cm x 17 1/2" / 44,5cm
Colours: blue, red, pink and green
A really nice casual bag with zipper on the inside pocket so you can feel safe that nothing will accidentally fall out. I think it's a nice owl on it which isn't too scary or too mellow. Perfect school bag.

Gorgeous damask purse [link]
Size: metal frame: 4" / 10cm, bottom: 4.75" / 12cm, height: 3" / 7,5cm
If you want to spruce your outfit up then this is it. Works great with for example a darker pair of jeans and maybe a white jacket. With this you need no more accessories!

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