Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Launched: The Awezing Project

I turned 25 some time ago (OMG, I'm old! Just kidding!) and I've always wanted to inspire and to empower other people, to make them see their own potential. Slowly The Awezing* Project started to take form in my head. Today is my 7th anniversary on deviantART so I thought it was finally the time to release Awezing to the world to celebrate both my birthday and anniversary!

My goal is to get at least 25 people (hopefully more) to take a picture of themselves with a paper crown or a bought one. You can either leave the crown blank or write either on the crown or on a piece of paper:
'I am awezing'. 

As a reminder to yourself that you are a wonderful person with tons of strength and potential within you. If you then dare to put that as a facebook avatar, g+ icon, dA avatar/icon or whatever community avatar that's a bonus. :)

All over the internet, let's make a revolution! Spread it to grandma, friends, enemies, fav bloggers, mum and dad, cousins, siblings, you name it. Join the page on facebook and upload your picture there. You can also upload it to scraps on dA and note me or on your blog and comment below!

You can of course do this without publishing your picture, maybe put it somewhere as a daily reminder to yourself on how awezing you are. I'd love to hear from you though if you did it even if you don't want to show the picture.

The important is to remember what the crown stands for.

* Mix between awesome and amazing.


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