Monday, June 04, 2012

Review: Last exile

Last exile is a 26 episode long anime with steampunk, adventure, science fiction and friendship themes. I've been hooked on it lately and finally finished the last DVD a week or so ago.

I haven't written anything until now since I was disappointed that my favourite character was killed without cause but I've, with some search, learnt that the character survived so it's all ok now. I was also quite disappointed that the last two episodes and specially the last one seemed rushed and didn't really give that clear ending I wanted after following these people through hell - almost literally. I would have loved maybe two or three more episodes.

The series is about two friends, Claus and Lavie, who grow up together, having only each other, after their dads die in the 'Grand stream' during a mission. Their dads were vanship flyers, couriers in the sky and since Claus and Lavie were young they wanted to follow in their footsteps.

They're now couriers, as their dads, but dream about crossing the 'Grand stream' which their dads never managed to do. Lavie and Claus ends up at 'Kill them all Silvana', which is a huge sky ship, after getting a mission to deliver a little girl called Alvis to Silvana. In the story we also get to know the captain of Silvana Alex, his right hand Sophia and Dio the little brother of Maestro Delphine, the leader of the enemy: the Guild.

It's a war going on between the Guild, who controls the world, and the nations Disith and Anatoray. The last two join forces to find the Last Exile and finally end Maestro Delphine's control over people and the world's water supply. Water is like nectar in this world and there are different classes, only the rich can afford first class. The Guild, in the hands of Maestro Delphine, play with people as it was a game of chess.

I think the characters get a nice depth the more you get to know them and I quite like how you need to figure some things out on your own. Sometimes though it becomes too many characters to keep track of since some of them are quite alike or are only shown in groups. The series has an overall good flow and speed of events with some surprises and aces up its sleeve.

The thing I don't like though is the big visual difference between drawn and animated scenes, it's not smooth. It's nothing that bothers much but it's there and noticeable and not like Howl's moving castle by Studio Ghibli where they tried to get the animation as invisible as possible.

I must say though, I'm really glad to have seen it and I am thinking about watching Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing which is a sequel that take place two years after the first one but with new characters and new plot. It just wouldn't be the same though without Claus, Lavie, Dio and Alvis.

Last Exile by ~saucyninja on deviantART

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