Sunday, June 03, 2012

Clean up the mess with Feng Shui

This is the second part to my first Feng Shui post. Part 1: Feng Shui 101

What is mess?
  • that which you don't love
  • that which you don't use (ex. old ski equipment, old cellphones, old hard drives)
  • that which you have mishandled
  • that which is not organised 
  • too many thing on a small space!
  • everything that is unfinished (it takes unnecessary space in your mind)

If it's messy then we are messy! 
BUT it isn't a problem if it isn't a problem.

What does the mess do to us?
  • make us tired/sluggish
  • can affect our weight
  • can make us confused
  • keeps us in the past
  • creates blockages in our body
  • makes us postpone things
  • affect how others treat us 
  • distract us from more important things
  • makes us low
  • makes us forgetful and unorganised

If chi can't flow freely in your home
then it can't flow freely in your body.

Why do we keep things?
  • just in case...
  • identity
  • status
  • safety
  • inherited fixation to things
  • greed
  • protection
  • hoarding (collecting mania)

What can we do with the mess?
  1. Let nature has its course
  2. Let others take care of it after you're dead
  3. Take responsibility yourself

TIPS: Make three boxes:
1. don't know, 2. save 3. throw away/sell

Three simple questions
  1. Do I get happy when I think about that thing / look at it?
  2. Do I love it with all my heart?
  3. Do I use it?

Thanks to Lightliving - home of harmony for the wonderful lecture!

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