Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Clean room by room with Feng Shui

This is my third post in the Feng Shui series, I highly recommend reading the first two: 1 and 2! I will in this post write about what you can do in each and every room to make the chi (energy) flow better and how to make it look more clutter free.

  • Clean out all unnecessary things
  • Clean in general
  • Good storage
  • Take the small things when and there you see them

  • Have as little as possible on the floor!
  • Hidden storage

  • Do you really need more than one [insert here] (for example cheese slicer)?
  • Put away those things that you rarely use
  • Throw away old things and have a routine of not only checking the fridge but the pantry too!

  • Keep it clean!
  • Finish creams, shampoos etc. before starting a new one
  • Get rid of the things you don't use!
  • Keep make up and hygiene products in cabinets or put in a baskets/boxes
  • Hang up towels etc.
  • Have an uniform appearance
  • Dirty laundry in closed storage!
TIPS: Iron your clothes when you need them, instead of when they're newly washed!

  • Make your bed (can be so easy as straightening the cover and put a blanket over it)
  • Open windows to let air in
  • Maximum 3 things on the bedside table
  • Hang up or put away this day's clothes
  • Put away jewellery
  • What is the first you see when you wake up? Make it something appealing!
TIPS: Make what the last thing/first thin you see every night/morning something empowering, inspirational or something that makes you happy!

TIPS 2: electromagnetic waves are bad for you so if you have trouble sleeping try removing TV, computer, cellphone or even changing your clock radio to an analogue.

Living room
  • What do you want to show?
  • Clean away what doesn't represent the Now - who you are today
  • Books should be in bookshelves
  • Puff the pillows in the sofa instead of letting them sag (takes like 1 minute to do)
  • Let the ornamental things fulfil their purpose, ex. have candles in the candle holders
  • Throw away newspapers when they're old
Info: When you don't let, for example, the candle holders fulfil their purpose it means that you miss something in your life.

Two things to think about
  • Take one thing at a time, what is most important right now? Don't start every room or closet at once.
  • Look symbolic at the cleansing: "With this glass I'm no longer going to think about that or that event".

Thanks to Lightliving - home of harmony for the wonderful lecture!

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