Friday, June 01, 2012

Review: Beyond borders

I saw the movie Beyond borders with Angelina Jolie the other day. It's a movie I've seen several times and I still stop and watch if I happen to flip by it on TV. It both makes me want to go out in the world and volunteer but also to definitely not do so. One thing the movie truly do give me though is respect for all relief workers in the world.

The foundation of the movie is the love story between Angelina Jolie's character and Clive Owen's character. It's not because of the love story I watch it though, I watch because I find it fascinating to see the volunteers, the situations they must endure and the people in need of help. Sure, it's a Hollywood movie so things might not be as accurate as it could but it gives a hint to something that thousands of people work with - every day. Heroes I say.

The movie had a nice flow plot wise and if you learned something it came back later. It followed up its set ups and planted information no matter how small it seemed to the viewer and that is what a good movie should do. Like they say "If you do a close up of a gun you need to fire it before the movie is over".

Beyond Borders by ~Yoet on deviantART

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