Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two new photo books to die for

Today, in the mail, I got two books: The cities book by Lonely planet and Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis by David Willis. Three amazing things in one day: photos, travels and Marilyn!

I flipped through the pages in Metamorphosis and I've found several new pictures of Marilyn which I love. My all time favourite wasn't in it though but I don't care, there were so many other fantastic ones. I'm going to look through it for real soon and read the quotes and information too (not just adore the pictures).

Since I haven't travelled much (yet) but love different cultures (I'm fascinated by the differences and similarities different countries have) I bought The cities book with some of the most amazing cities in the world. In  it is short information of all kinds: fun, interesting, facts and myths and of course photos from each city. Great to flip through, maybe I find some new places on my already massive 'Places I want to go'-list!

I highly, so far, recommend both books!

Click here to look inside

Click here to look inside

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