Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some must have accessories on Etsy

Vintage tapestry clutch [link]
Size: 13 x 9" / 33 x 23 cm
It truly looks beautiful, the colour is beautiful and it could mix with anything, I think it would be perfect to a white dress though or maybe to jeans and a leather jacket to spice it up.

Rain cloud brooch [link]
Size: 2" wide x 3" long / 5 cm wide x 7.5 cm long
This such a cute felted brooch, it's perfect for that extra stand out piece on your outfit or even your bag. It's cute but still wearable, maybe to an autumn dress.

Beach locket [link]
Size: Outer diameter 2,2 cm, depth 0,6 cm
This is simply perfect to the summer but it can also be worn closed during the rest of the year like a secret and promise of warmer weather and summer fun. The waves on the lid is really neat but the look of the inside is why you should buy it.

Fern bracelet [link]
Size: standard
This bring nature back into your life! This bracelet is just lovely with its natural theme, simple but yet eye catching. Perfect for the nature lover out there, or fern lover like me.

Space locket [link]
I simply adore this. It's unique and made of brass. If you're one of those who use tumblr to stare at stunning stars and nebulas then you definitely want this. Stunning.

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