Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The reruns of reruns problem

There are some TV-series in Sweden that keeps on going and going and going with reruns and new episodes all mixed up. One of them is How I met your mother. Every Sunday there's supposed to be new episodes but I always forget! I do remember it's something but never what it is, I have enough problem remembering that Gossip girl is at 18:00 (6pm) now instead of 19:00 (7pm) as always.

Today, more people than usual mentioned HIMYM, specially Barney's wedding so I had to check it out: who will be the bride? I haven't seen much from season 7 but I've seen enough to know Barney will get married in the future. I googled and found an interview with one of the creators. I'm all good now with my new knowledge and yet again I'm reminding myself I really need to watch next Sunday, since in Sweden we're nearing the end of season 7! Just four episodes left until the sneak peek of the bride episode will air (yes, behind as always).

The big problem with some series going in and out of themselves on Swedish TV though is that it's harder to keep track of which episodes is where. In HIMYM I get the big picture and Lily's hair is a big tip off on which season I'm watching but it's not coherent. It's the same with Scrubs, they show reruns every day but I have no clue when they've ever shown the newest episodes. Sometimes I get lucky and flip the TV on but usually I don't. My first encounter with One Tree Hill was for example reruns of the first seasons which always aired when I got home from school, then I just continued to watch the new ones until a year or so ago when they changed the airing time which led me to never remember the time anymore. No, I'm not usually that forgetful, some TV-series I always remember when they air, like Grey's anatomy, Vampire diaries and Gossip girl but they have in general had the same day and time since they first started airing.

The Simpsons in Sweden is a whole other issue. They've shown the first couple of seasons so many times that most Swedes (born in the 80's at least) know them by heart but still when you flip them on you kind of watch anyway (at least in most cases) since it's such a familiar old friend. The other issue is the fact that they've for a long time been several seasons behind when showing the 'newest' episodes, now though they've caught up and show season 23 just as in the US.

I think having a set airing time/day from the very first episode and all through the seasons to the very bitter end together with a close airing time to the original one is crucial to keep watchers, specially the internet savvy ones. Reruns can be good but not when it takes over everything. They still to this day show reruns of SG:1 (ended 2007), don't get me wrong I love the series but come on, why start it over every time it reaches the last episode? Same with F.R.I.E.N.D.S (ended 2004) which they've shown reruns of since it actually had new episodes to air.

I really like watching my series on the TV though because it gives me a break from every day life on set times and days. TV and books has always been my way to escape the reality. TV just need to find something new to air instead of numbing me down with the same series and episodes I've already seen - numerous times. TV need to be more into today than yesterday.

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