Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My self designed idea book and pocket calendar

I found a site some time back where you could design your own pocket calendars and notebooks. Every year I search for the inside papers to my pocket calendar cover which I got from my grandpa some years back, but now when I'm not studying anymore I decided to go fresh (mostly because it's engraved with student and my name on the cover).

I will miss it but I'm really happy with my new one, it's like summer so I get happy every time I see it. I also made an Idea book, mostly because I get lots of ideas every week but forgets them because I don't write them down or write them and never find that little piece of paper again. I must say I'm really happy with the outcome on both!

Left: Idea book. Right: calendar.

Hand picked quote inside the Idea book.

The front cover of the Idea book (Idé) can be found here, the back is the same as the calendar front. The calendar front cover can be seen here and the back cover of it can be seen here.

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