Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My inspiring pinterest

I have pinterest since some days back and I truly like it. I get inspired when I surf around there and I've also pinned stuff I've found online too! I so far have 8 categories:
  • Creative inspiration
    Everything that gets me going creativity wise, it can be a still life photo of cakes, a button necklace, hand made lanterns and so forth.
  • Cute and funny
    Well, as it sounds like, everything I find that makes me lol, smile or just say 'aww'.
  • Food
    Easy enough, everything that looks tasty. It also includes drinkable stuff.
  • Home
    The reason I got pinterest, to collect and to dream how my dream home would look like inside out. It kind of looks like a mix between bohemic-hippie-aristocrat with flowers, quirky storage, books and lanterns in abundance.
  • Inspiration
    Things that do not fit in the Creative inspiration but still inspires me in a way or another. Mostly artistic designs and photos.
  • Places
    Hills, lakes, hidden treasures and famous places like Taj Mahal, which I want to see for real one day.
  • Words and quotes
    My pick-me-up place on pinterest. All wonderful, happy, loving and strong quotes and sayings I find get pinned here. It's a boost to read. It's a little like my quote section above but with images.
  • Party planning
    New today. Things that would be awesome to do if I plan a party, an event, a wedding or an evening at a night club. Great for ideas and themes.
Do you have pinterest?

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