Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I demand international borders on culture!

Yet again today I am forced to realise that culture* are bound by borders despite the fact that the Internet has none. For example, every time some big corporation complains that a movie or album have leaked ahead of time in a specific country they don't think that there are no borders for culture. When my friends in the US speak of 'such an amazing movie' or episode of the latest whatever, I'm always behind just because I happen to live in a country in northern Europe. Just today I've gotten from youtubeNetflix and Songza that unfortunately I live in the wrong country.

How hard is it really to go international straight away with something? Sure, I do get the channels and how they sell and buy programs from each other... but a movie at the cinema has no reason at all why it's not shown the same day all over the world, same with songs. Some steps toward the right direction though is the fact that a few movies and albums are released the same time around the globe, but that's far from enough.

That doesn't change the fact that the agreements, rules and other things ruining the buying and selling tv-series between countries are silly. Game of Thrones season 2 is aired on  Swedish pay tv but the channel (that everyone can see) which have just finished season 1 have to wait until 2013! Same goes with Vampire diaries, they had to put a hold on Swedish tv for 6 weeks because they were too close to the US airing time, and then they wonder why people resolve to the Internet and illegal ways to watch it. 

One other problem is that a person outside the US is forced to watch it on airing time because if you don't live in the US there are few legal ways to watch a movie or series. Still, the US and the copyright lobby wants every person who download or watch or upload illegally to be punished! Ridiculous! 

The industry need to change how they release culture to the public not make it illegal to consume it. Work in the right direction toward a healthy goal that doesn't criminalize people of all ages who have done nothing wrong but wanting to hear a song, watch a movie or a series at the same time as a friend. The culture industry need to realise that just as we have always discussed culture and happenings at the coffee table at work we still do, but online with our friends from all over the world.

* music, tv-series, movies etc.

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