Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Review: Hugo Cabret 3D

I watched Hugo yesterday and I must say it's a sweet and a bit magical movie. It reminded me of The golden compass, the air felt a bit the same. I felt it was cute movie and it was intriguing but I don't have a need to actually own it when it comes out. I do see though why it won 5 Oscars, it's wonderfully made, the actors really fit their roles and the 3D is pretty amazing.* One of the cooler things, special effect wise, must have been the clock tower's inside, really neat to see.

The thing that got me thinking when I walked out of the movie though was 'What was true about Georges Méliès?'. After reading up a bit I can say that the real story isn't as sprinkled with fairy dust as in the movie. Some things are accurate and others not.  I truly recommend reading up on Méliès after you've seen the movie though.

In one scene Méliès and his wife gets their photo taken in front of their newly built movie studio, in reality that place was built 1896 and she didn't become his wife until 1925. He was married to another woman first and Jeanne d'Alcy was just, at first, star of his movies and his mistress. In Hugo it seemed like they've been together forever (and made decisions together), which isn't true since the movie is played out in the 1930's. The girl who lives with them is Méliès granddaughter and not his goddaughter. 

Méliès also fought a lot about copyright with the US, which I am assuming isn't as crowd friendly in this day and age and wasn't mentioned... neither was his brother Gaston whom he set out to open an office in NYC (which later on also made movies and opened several studios in the US), nor was his two kids from his first marriage.

A lot were true from Méliès life, they just sparkled, rearranged and tweaked it a bit, just as they always do in Hollywood. This time, it might have been the author of the book's fault though, or both. Nevertheless, I never completely trust a story based on reality from Hollywood (neither should you), but it makes me think and want to learn more if I don't already do. Before Hugo, I didn't even know that Georges Méliès existed, so 1-0 to Hollywood!

* I have a slight issue to see 3D perfectly when I've seen it too long so the end of the movie was hard for me, a bit of ghost shadows here and there but the overall and specially the beginning was excellent (for me). I think the 3D is great all through the movie if you can see it perfectly. If you're unsure if you can see 3D then do this depth perception test.

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