Friday, May 18, 2012

Feng shui lecture at IKEA

I really like interior design and I've always been interested in Feng shui, so today I'm going to IKEA to learn more about it. I really don't know much about Feng shui, yet, except that a friend told me that on a square table you need to put a square cloth so it will look like a star together with the table's corners, to reduce negative energies. No idea if what my friend said were true but it was fascinating. I've also heard Feng shui helps with the energies in the home, so to say the least I'm fascinated.

I didn't think I would go to IKEA and learn more about Feng shui though but I saw some information about a free lecture so I decided to do it. It doesn't cost me anything except 1h and 30 min in time so I think it will be worth it, no matter how lousy or (hopefully) great it will be! To be safe, I have no expectations, I just think it might be interesting.

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