Thursday, May 24, 2012

3 quirks of hotel culture

I've been forced the last couple of days to stay at a local hotel because my neighbours' cockroaches have now reached my apartment. While being at a hotel I've been noticing some things...

1. Language
I've noticed how the guests (me included) try to speak as little to each other as possible because we cannot be sure what language the other person speaks. It would be so terrible to speak English when both of us might be Swedish!

Like today. I waited for the elevator and when I stepped into it and hit 'lobby' the man in the elevator made som half grunting 'Up' or 'Upp' (Swedish) with a hand movement against the uplit 9th, I nodded to show I understood that the elevator would take a detour from 7th to 9th first.

2. Breakfast eaters
Another thing I've noticed is the veterans deluxe hotel breakfast eaters. I'm not used to eating heavy breakfasts but I've tried to indulge myself in bread, some oatmeal and orange juice these last days but some are some magnificent eaters. One woman, not much older than me and thin as a pole, had cereal, fruit, two slices of bread, coffee/tea, juice and pancakes - I might have missed something - during the time it took me to eat my breakfast! I might add though, I'm a slow eater or as I would say 'A Frenchman'!

Two men, from another country out of what I could overhear, ate like horses too but that doesn't beat the veteran deluxe couple I've seen two mornings now. The couple eat, eat, eat, bring more food, eat, eat, eat, bring more food... seriously, the woman gathered a bowl full of bell peppers. I think they only eat breakfast because there can't be any more room in there until the next day! No matter what, they truly take advantage of the breakfast buffet and make sure it's worth every SEK it costs.

3. Wall art
I might become a deluxe veteran in the future, I don't know but I don't think I will ever get used to the lousy art though. In my room there's a photo with some strange green swirls on top of the only land mark in town and another photo with strange swirls again of some house walls, probably, those by the square. The other strange thing I noticed, when I took the stairs instead of the elevator, was that the first floor after the lobby have a mirror by the elevators but no other floor has that - I wonder why?

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