Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring time sell out ;)

Since I haven't gotten up the posters above my sofa yet (3 years!) I've decided to use that nail (that existed before I moved in) to hang clothes that is going to be for sale, so I can photograph them better. That wall is perfect for that, it's the sunny side of the apartment AND it's a white wall. Now, I just have to wait for my camera battery to charge :) Then I can start selling all the stuff I don't use anymore.

I think either giving stuff away to second hand and/or selling them through your blog or auction site like ebay is way better than just throwing things away. Sure, if it's broken and you don't want to mend it then ok, but otherwise there are endless opportunities, like flea markets where you can book a table for a day.

And, what time is better than spring to clear out all the stuff you don't need anymore? Like clothes, bags, porcelain, furniture, nail polish... you name it. You will feel much better afterwards and you can rest assure you're even further away from becoming a hoarder. :)

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