Monday, April 23, 2012

My list of beautiful sounding words

Have I ever told you how much I like all kinds of lists? Right now, on my phone, I have several which I'm adding to every day... one is about Swedish city names that gets funny and/or weird when you directly translate them to English, another one is about things with character... and then of course this one, a list about words.

I decided to post this particular list today because I stumbled over a new wonderful word: thimbleweed* that got me all excited! I might do a second list if I find more words (highly probable)!

I like some words in below list because of the sound, like just mentioned thimbleweed (it's like a flow of water in a brook, but syllables in my mouth), others because of the meaning: heartbeats, and some for both, like cingulomania.

The list
  • vervain
  • knickers
  • rose
  • toddler
  • cingulomania
  • fern
  • chimera
  • belly button
  • heartbeats
  • snow feathers

* In all honesty my first thought was to call this entry The thimbleweed-list but then no one would have understood what it was about, so I didn't. ;)

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