Monday, April 16, 2012

How about a 'No water day'?

Today they've shut off the water in my house so they can repair something... I don't think I've ever thought about how much I need water in my life and how little we truly understand how people who fight with having no water (or in best cases dirty water) - every day - actually struggle.

I've been up just a few hours and I have so far realised:
  • Brushing my teeth isn't as great when you can't wash the toothbrush at the end
  • Taking my allergy meds with no water...
  • Going to the toilet is like living in the medieval times
  • Lunch: soup (not going to work, need to come up with new lunch idea)
  • Thankfully I have milk, coca cola and other such drinks at home
  • How would it be to live like this every day? :(

We, in the west, take water for granted, specially the Swedish population who have clean and fresh water in abundance. So, instead of having an Earth hour every year we should have a No water day every year.  I think it will make us understand why it's important to build wells and toilets in developing countries and actually HELP them. Not only because it reduces diseases and death but because before all other rights we have in the world, water should and will always be the number one.

Remember: We can live one month without food but only one week without water.

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