Monday, April 23, 2012

Crowded with ideas and clutter

If only I could clone myself I wouldn't have issues with having too many ideas (at the same time) and no time to do them on. To be fair, I have time but I cannot do them all at once and that seems to be what my brain is demanding, like a 5-year old in the backseat during a trip 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet? I want to be there now! Are we there yet?'.

The other issue is buying (money!) all the stuff I need and actually decide to do one thing at a time. Right now on my creative desk I have everything from pearls, papers, ribbons, colours, brushes, markers and cups... total mess. Despite everything though I seem to get things done.

I upcycled a big glass jar (which I got on my 18th birthday by a friend, full with lollipops) yesterday with colours and a pearl necklace. I managed to do that one right in the middle of the creative desk with pearls rolling around - in and out of the way!

For now, I am at least writing down all my good ideas I get in my 'Idea-book' so I can get back to them when I have time. We'll see what happens to them :)

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