Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The assumed photographer

I'm going away tomorrow for a funeral. Not really looking forward to the 5h trip (one way) to meet and greet people I barely know and say goodbye to my uncle's wife and then a 5h trip back. Today goes to planning and packing what I need with me, apparently without asking me I've become the photographer.

I will bluntly assume that other hobby and amateur photographers experience this too, that family and friends just take for granted that you will do the photographing without getting paid or even being asked. My dad just told me some days ago to bring my DSLR camera and that I can borrow his (he can take his own pictures I say).

It's like being an electrician, the day you get the certificate you start to hear from family and friends which you barely knew you had and all of them is in need of an electrician who can 'fix some easy stuff'. A friend of mine realised this when he finished his year practice, which you need to do in Sweden to get certified. Same goes with winning the lottery, everybody wants to 'borrow a little money' and they will of course pay you back... some day!

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