Saturday, March 31, 2012

You're not alone in the dark

It's around 8 hours left until I'll turn off the lights, computer(!) and basically everything in my home in favour of Earth Hour. I even signed up at WWF's web page! I do this every year and some people say it's ridiculous but I say it's a reminder to work for a better environment the rest of the year too (maybe not for all, but for me).

Last year it was a record of 135 countries and 5000 cities that signed up for Earth Hour and every other Swede turned off their lights. Pretty amazing and it gives a sense of belonging because you know you're not alone in the dark. And really, we never should be alone, maybe Earth Hour should give us a reminder too to look after our fellow man to make sure that no one is left out and alone no matter what colour, sexuality, belief or political views that person has.

It's better to be in the light together with our differences and learn from them instead of hiding away or criminalize those things we do not like. For example: instead of making a law against talking about homosexuality like St. Petersburg (Russia) have - then listen, discuss, understand and take the good parts out of each other's differences. No one is better off by not knowing. Knowledge is power and everybody should have the right to search for and find whatever knowledge they want and make their own conclusions.

So, today during Earth Hour... think about what YOU can do for your fellow man no matter where s/he comes from or what the person believes, thinks or feels. What can you do to make earth feel like home and not this huge place where we're all strangers?

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