Sunday, March 11, 2012

Review: Where the wild things are

The latest movie in my kids movie streak I'm having to cheer myself up was Where the wild things are. I don't know, maybe I had more hopes built up for it or something but I looked at the time at the DVD player numerous times. It was cute and all and I could recognize myself as that lonely kid but there it ended. Now with my education as a project leader/ cultural manager all I could think about was ways to make things better, for example let that poor goat speak and listen to him! They needed some serious team building and he managed to do that a bit but then it all just fell down like a card house and he didn't do anything at all.

Both me and my best friend pushed ourselves to see it, which we realised afterwards because none of us said anything while the movie lasted. I think it might be a cute movie for a child under 5 years old but it lacks more childhood magic and imagination and it could have been done way better. Maybe the book is better?

Where the Wild Things...illust by ~Echoes83 on deviantART

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