Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Where did my youth go?

I have a 'new' pair of Cheap monday converse shoes (second hand bought) and instead of those white shoe laces (which btw are still crystal white and hasn't been re-laced (I always do that)) I'm thinking black shoe laces. >.>

My first pair of fake converse, at 16-17, had neon green and neon orange shoe laces, green on one and orange on the other. I loved them and I  had a scarf twice as long as me in several colours (at least 4-5 different ones) and the shoes and the scarf together with leg warmers were my signature look. I looked like the inside of a piƱata ;D

I've been trying to re-entry some colours into my closet after going more and more toward the black the last couple of years (beige and grey are not welcome though) but shoes... I don't know. My view now is that I want people to see my face not my feet. I think it can be stylish with black shoe laces and it goes well with black tights to elongate my short legs (and petite stature).

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