Friday, March 09, 2012

Some must have shoes from Etsy

I've been a bit Etsy crazy lately but not all of what I find and like fits me so I thought I'd share with you! Below are some new favs, check them out!

Polkadot shoes [link]
Size: 9 / 40 (eu)
A lovely pair of polkadot shoes that just scream late spring or summer. They make at least me smile and they would be mine in a heartbeat if they were in my size.

Flowery shoes with bow [link]
Size: 7.5 / 38 (eu)
I really love the girly feel to these ballerina flats, they would look lovely together with a white dress or some other pastel coloured clothing.

Bow shoes [link]
Size: 6 / 36 (eu)
Lovely pair of shoes that is sweet but doesn't attract too much attention so you can have a more attention grabbing clothing, would look great with a pair of shorts!

Hand made shoes [link]
Size: all
They can be crafted in any size and several different colours. They're made of leather. I personally love the bright yellow since it's such a pop of colour that makes you happy and energetic.

Lace & pearls shoes [link]
Size: 5-10 / 35-42 (eu)
Custom made shoes for weddings according to the seller, I think they can be used for other occasions too. So lovely and ornate. Flat shoes!

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