Monday, March 26, 2012

Running for a good cause

I haven't been on the top of the world lately but I've been thinking about doing something to show myself that I can while doing something good for someone else.

I've never been one of those sporty girls who goes to the gym or even liked gym class in school(!), I've been into kundalini yoga and pilates. That's why I want to push myself and be in a marathon or something similar (shorter?). The idea isn't to have the best time, the idea is to reach goal (even if it will take me days).

It's a great idea to show myself that I can, I truly can, but I wanted it to be more than that so I'm thinking about trying to collect money for a good cause (organisation). First off, it will give an organisation money that will come to good use and second, it will motivate me to actually fulfill my end of the bargain.

Now I just need to find the right organisation and the marathon of my choice :)

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