Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Plans of grandieur

I've been swooshing around the apartment doing this and that (while the finished laundry just patiently sits there in  its bags) and I managed to wake up my allergy. I've been having this vase with twigs with grey and black feathers at the end for years now in the living room but decided today it was time to use it for better things.

I took off all the feathers which will hopefully be used for a classy hairpiece :) The twigs I wanted to make some cool ornament to have on the wall so I took away the small twigs so I could get them straight and the big ones I cut in half... and then when I was trying to assemble my nose started to run and I realised that not only do I react to the dust it's BIRCH twigs which I'm allergic to.

The grand plan had to be on hold for a while and the twigs is now lying on the balcony while I figure out what to do with them.

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