Monday, March 05, 2012

The little train that could

Usually when I put together stuff from IKEA I need help because I go into it with a happy mood and a 'Yes, we can do this'-spirit which ends with me walking away or hitting the poor inanimate object. Today I decided to show myself that I was the little train that could. I was going to assemble a pedestal for a flower I saved from death* which I hope will grow as big and gorgeous as the parent flowers which my dad owns which he inherited from his grandma.

It was 4 points of things to do. First assemble the first ring with the legs. With some trouble I managed to put on the first leg and realised it was pointing the wrong way, redid it and then it went on fairly well. Second ring that the bottom plate is supposed to be on was trickier but I managed and now I have a pedestal in my living room but no space for it -.-

Click image to come to original source, ikea

* I have to admit it was I who killed it. My dad gave it to me and it flourished, one week later it was almost completely dead and next time my dad saw it he told me to throw it. I refused.

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