Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to: Caja's shoe lacing technique

Ever since my first pair of (fake) converse I've had a special way which I have my shoe laces (it took a lot of googling before I decided for this type). It started because I didn't like how the general shoe store lace the shoes and I didn't like the classic way to lace them (kriss-cross you know).

Works on
I usually do it on my (fake) converse exclusively but I am sure it can be done on a pair of regular sneakers and look good too, try it?

How to
First take the right shoe and put the shoe lace under the right side and up through that whole. On the left side you  put the lace in through the top so it comes out underneath. Like this:

You can also see how it looks on an actual shoe:

For a real neat effect you can mirror the other shoe, then you do the same thing but then the left side string is always on top. End results:

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