Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Outfits in Halloween episode of Bones

I think most of us have noticed how Halloween outfits differ depending on what gender you feel you belong to. If you have not just go to random place and search for Halloween costumes and see the female vs male equivalent of for example cop, doctor, firfighter, teacher, cat, nerd and so on...

I did however not expect this sexist crap be pushed up against my face while watching Bones. It however did. Below I list outfits:
Zack: backside of a cow (2part costume)
Hodgins: Captain of Titanic
Booth: Squint (nerd)
Cam: Catwoman
Angela: Cher
Brennan: Wonder woman

You probably see what I want to say but to really drive it home: all men had skin visible only on hands and head while the women showed thighs, shoulders, cleavage, arms, head and hands. In other words the female outfits were much more revealing.

It was a very stark contrast between the male and female outfits in this episode. It could have been nice if they had balanced it out a bit. How I am unsure but this just didn't feel right.

Sure they gave some kind of reasons behind the women's outfits, it seems Cam thinks Catwoman is the best and Brennan thinks Wonder woman is the best. Why Angela dressed up as Cher I don't know. All in all it just felt like reasons to dress the female characters down.

All power to Catwoman and Wonder woman though - love 'em!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The forced relationship on Bones [spoilers]

12 episodes into season 2 of Bones I need to lift something with ya'll. Something that has been bugging me. Spoilers ahead!

Since I have seen an episode here and there over the years I do know that Booth and Brennan end up together and one can see the signs of it from how they lock their eyes sometimes, how they have their faces really close and how Booth touches Brennan. It's not like the sparks are flying but it's something there. On the other side we have Hodgins and Angela...

I'm assuming here that Hodgins and Angela have at least worked a couple of months with each other by the time of the pilot episode without any sparks flying, so what changed? Maybe I missed something but to me it just felt like out of thin air Hodgins started to feel something and nudge lightly lightly and then Angela started to reciprocate those nudges and then it just took off from there.

Their relationship didn't feel organic, it felt forced. It felt like the writers felt like they wanted them together come hail or rain. What do they have in common, more than love of swings and working at the Jeffersonian together? And as said, what changed?

Usually something need to change for friends or co-workers to see each other in a new light, to shift from any other person to someone they like a bit more than that. I didn't notice any such shift. Thus it felt unnatural to me. I feel it should have taken longer from Hodgins started to feel something to handing out roses and asking out on dates.

I know there is time passed between each episode but I don't feel such important relationship development should be off screen. The audience should more clearly see what grows, like with Booth and Brennan.

We can take Beckett and Castle (from the TV-series Castle) too, there were something between them for a long time, you could see it grow, take steps forward and some backwards until the crescendo. I cannot say much about the development of Booth and Bones since I've never seen it but from what I've seen so far it's like a mild version of Beckett and Castle.

To me Hodgins and Angela went from 0% to 20% and then 50% and so on in a very short amount of time. Too much development jumps, especially since there were 0% spark between them when the whole series began (in my opinion).

I don't mind them as a couple, I just felt it could have been handled better.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Deschanel sisters and the importance of character appearance

Not long ago I went through four seasons of New Girl which is lead by Zooey Deschanel and now I'm in the middle of first season of Bones which is lead by her sister Emily Deschanel. One can really see the likeness but their looks have different type of character stereotype in my opinion.

For example, think Emily Deschanel as Jessica Day (Zooey's character in New Girl) and you would probably have a hard time seeing her in those girly outfits playing a quirky, singing teacher. Same goes the other way around, think Zooey Deschanel as Dr Temperance Brennan (Emily's character in Bones) and you would have the same difficulty because her look doesn't give the same vibe of seriousness because of her hair and big eyes.

Now, I am well aware that I am going by looks alone since personality is much harder to peg down on actresses I've never met and thus know nothing about. Bear with me!

As I was watching Bones I came to a realisation. Zooey wouldn't fit as Dr Brennan because look wise and energy vibes (at least from the movies/series I've seen with her) it doesn't fit but she would fit as Angela Montenegro, the best friend of Dr Brennan. Angela has the vibe and looks that would fit Zooey.

So I started to think who Emily could possibly be in New Girl and came to the conclusion that she could actually be someone who dates Nick Miller since he's actually been with the more serious looking types before. She could also be a co-worker of Schmidt.

This whole blog post is just late night thoughts so don't take them too seriously, but I find it interesting how looks is so important with characters no matter if it's on TV/cinema or in a book. For example, who would take Pippi Longstocking seriously if she would defend someone in court? You can put a nice pants suit on her but she's still a freckled girl with braids sticking straight out of her head.

Think like this, would you feel the characters still fitted if you switched which actor plays which character on Bones if you switched David Boreanaz (Booth) with Eric Millegan (Zack Addy)? If you have seen Bones you probably say no. Eric Millegan wouldn't fit as a serious FBI agent who is a former sniper and David Boreanaz wouldn't fit as an awkward Ph.D student with high IQ. When it comes to characters it's more than traits and acting, it's also equally important how they look so we will feel they are believable as the character.

That is also why it's so important that we stop with the white washing of movies, but that's a whole other subject for another day.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thoughts on Bones s1ep2 - The Man in the SUV

Since Netflix is lacking on series I would really like to watch I have taken up watching Bones which I usually just watch on TV if there is nothing else on. Anyway, what I wanted to discuss today was what happened in s1ep2 "The Man in the SUV".


Right off the bat they go with the theory that the man who has blown up in his car and injured a lot of people is a terrorist. I have several issues with this.

They hype on the fact that people have declared war on the US... that some Muslims have declared war, you know the standard stuff to raise up the fear in the US citizens (watching the show). Every time this kind of storyline is in a crime show (and sooner or later it usually is) it just cannot be about the terrorist, they also (always) have to make it into a propaganda thing about how evil these people are and that they threaten the American way of life but that they will not let evil win. It's like the military itself uses TV shows for their own agenda to fuel the fear in people.

Aligned with above they went directly on the hypothesis that the guy was a terrorist because him and his car blew up near a café and hurt people. Why they went to this? The guy was a Muslim and Afghan. If it had been an white dude with blonde hair they would have directly worked on the theory that someone had killed him and THEN if that was a dead end they would look into him possibly being a terrorist. In the end the Muslim guy wasn't a terrorist, he was killed by his brother who was a terrorist.

And lastly, of course you need to serve up a terrorist at some point if you have started that storyline, it would be an anticlimax otherwise - the US people watching it expects there to be a terrorist which the good guy military/FBI/police kills before the person does harm to innocent (US) people. The watchers need to feel they've won.


I'm so used to seeing this storyline now because in every crime show I've ever seen there ends up being a terrorist storyline at some point. It surprises me though that they decided to go with this storyline so early. I felt this, if it had to be done, could have waited until later in the season instead of being the episode after the pilot.

Overall though after 8 episodes I give Bones a "eh it's all right", I'd say same level as Marco Polo and New Girl. In other words, I really need Netflix to give me something better to watch - soon.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Frankenstein and his creation [Penny Dreadful]

First off all, if you have not watched Penny Dreadful up to s2 ep5 and you intend to watch the series I recommend you bookmark this, watch the series and come back later to read. Spoiler!

Victor Frankenstein as a character in Penny Dreadful I find interesting but I cannot stomach him with women, especially his creation Lily. First she was Brona, the big love of Ethan Chandler which was sick in consumption and Victor was called there as a doctor when she was really sick. This is where I started to dislike this character.

He tells Ethan to fetch water and then he suffocate Brona, who is already dying, to death while Ethan is gone. For what? To quicken the possibility to take her body for his own needs? It was selfish and mean to take away Ethan's chance to say goodbye.

And then he behaves like a horny teenage boy and touches her inappropriately while she's dead and prepared to be awoken again. We see this at one point but I can only assume that wasn't the only time since he touches her again, down the line of her scar, when she's freshly awoken.

What is the most troublesome though is that he doesn't treat her as an individual like he did with Proteus (creation number 2) but he molds her into his own dream girl. It's like giving someone a robot or a sex doll to dress and play with as they like, except this is an actual person. He dyes her hair blonde because he's sexually attracted to blonde women, he gives her dresses with high neckline (probably to not arouse him too much or others) and he put high heels on her because he likes women that way. He also, from the start, prep himself up for her with stories of how close they were and make sure that John (creation nr 1) doesn't get much time with her at all, despite the fact she was intended for him. He wants her and he makes everything to shape her into what he wants, not who she might be or will become and he makes her not independent but dependant on him.

Lily doesn't have her own opinion, she thinks/does/decides depending on what Victor says. That is completely different from Proteus whom he encouraged to investigate and learn by himself, there Victor was the scientist who observed.

In s2 ep5 Lily rushes to Victor because the thunder scares her. There she kisses him and he's reluctant at first but then she takes initiative to have sex and he follows suit, cue romantic music. This wasn't even remotely romantic to me, it felt more like a father abusing his daughter. Victor knows he's her creator, she doesn't, he has overstepped his boundaries as a human being and a scientist. I don't blame Lily, she's working with what she knows and has learned and that is that they're cousins (still wrong but much less wrong).

I find Victor Frankenstein despicable.

He abandoned his first creation because he scared him, that things weren't as he thought but he should have gone back later because the creation was his responsibility. He had intentionally pieced together a human being, awoken it from death and then left it on its own - you don't leave a baby without protection and guidance like that. Take the consequences of your actions! The only redeeming moment he, so far, have had was when he took care of Proteus, the only creation he treated fairly, but that's not even close to enough for me to like this character. I don't even find him interesting anymore, just a pile of shit.

Most of the time when I see Victor I want to punch him in the face, I cannot stand him. I find him somewhat sexist and a douchebag. I hope he die.

Disclaimer: I do, however, find the actor really good, he does a great job portraying the character.


[WARNING! Do not read beyond this if you have not seen all of season 2 of Penny Dreadful.]

Plot twist! She knew all along and played along... that. felt. so. good. In your face Victor! The scene when she reveals how she feels to John was so awesome but better yet was the scene in the finale when Victor pays her and Dorian a visit. Not only was it finally payback, it was also visually stunning scene. Mmm... so good.

Victor is still a scumbag though and his actions at the ball were such a jealous, abusive lover and I just wanted someone to tell him to not treat the woman like he owns her. So yeah, the fact that she knew all along what she was doing, the fact that she seduced him by her own will and played HIM felt tremendously good. She's a force to be reckoned with.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Can we discuss the harem scene in Marco Polo?

Today, after not having any series I really wanted to watch left, I decided to take a chance on Marco Polo since I like history and have currently an interest in historic Asian culture. It was an all right first episode which of course ended with cliffhanger as pilots always do which probably will make me at least watch one more episode.

However! What I wanted to discuss was the harem scene. If you have not watched Marco Polo and want to and don't want spoilers stop reading here, bookmark this and come back when you have.

It's a scene where Marco is summoned to the harem with the thousand veils and nude women everywhere. He first walks through it all to get to the khan who gives him a test, to walk through it all (worked first time...) without actively touching the women, so he goes through the rooms where the women have orgies with each other, other higher up men, play with huge dildos and this time throw themselves on Marco (uhm ok).

In general I don't have a problem with the concept of these women having a fun time but the structure of this scene feels odd to me, why take him all the way into the core of the place just to tell him to walk out again just to be, suddenly, attacked by all these women overcome by lust for him. It would have made more sense to me that he got the information before entering or at least some kind of better build up and that the women would entice him not literally drag him around like a puppet without anyone even telling them to. Also, some kind of hint that the women had gotten orders to throw themselves on him when he walked back but not give a shit about him on the way in.

I felt this scene was just to provoke some audiences and to give others spank material. It had no substance to the show. Even the fighting master having at it with a cobra (at the same time as above scene) made more sense to me. It could have been done masterfully with it cutting between the attack on the walled city, Marco's walk in the harem and the dance with the cobra but it wasn't. I feel they had a concept but their own dicks got in the way when they planned it out.*

Also, I feel it plays a lot on the stereotype that men are animals and cannot hold their urges to themselves, like it would be so hard for him not to do anything to these women. It's a shitty untrue stereotype, because if it was true then men shouldn't be in charge of anything because who knows what they would do on an impulse? So tired of that shit, both in our society and on series/movies.

Overall the scene felt like an easy stunt that wasn't fully thought through. I don't see the purpose of this scene, especially not so early, if it was not to provoke, be spoken about and thus gain watchers.

*Yeah, I'm just assuming here that it was mainly men planning and writing that scene, perhaps it wasn't and if you have proof do tell.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Who undresses the heroine?

Have you ever pondered when a heroine of a show or movie wakes up in a room of some sort with a whole different outfit, than before she was unconscious, who it is that undresses her and how? Yeah, I have.

I watched the last season of Continuum (great show, watch it!) and in a scene Kiera wakes up a white room, a different outfit than she had moments ago and all I can think is "Who did the undressing?" and then several other such scenes flashed in my memory (The 100 has it for example). Every time the woman wakes up not once does she go "Where the fuck are my clothes??" or even seem to care that she has a whole new outfit on unless they have stripped her of something vital like her gun. I don't know about you but I would feel very uneasy if I woke up on a bed in a locked room with a new outfit on, wondering what happened while I was unconscious but in movies and tv they seem to be like "shit happens" about that part, not even questioning it. I would wonder what they've done to me and my mind would spring to mind all kinds of worst case scenarios.

Then my next ponder is, who is the poor bastard who need to do the job? How does it work? Do they drag this unconscious person into a room and tell some low ranking person "Hey you, undress her and put this on" or how does it work? Are there more than one who does the job? What do these people do on normal days, when soldiers/higher ups don't drag unconscious people into their lair? And who decides what the person wear (if it's not like a hospital gown)?

I especially wonder about this in settings like when Milla Jovovich wakes up with barely nothing on in Resident Evil, I know it's so teen boys can drool and jerk off (more money to the film industry, yay!) but if we for a moment think that was a real life situation with no cameras... like, what happened? Did they run out of fabric or what? And since she didn't seem to have anything underneath, how long did they stare at her naked body and what did they do to it? And why even bother with that tiny bit of fabric?

So many questions! All I can say is that I neither want to be the undress/dress person nor the person being undressed/dressed - both seems like getting the short end of the stick.

What's your thoughts?


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