Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Expanse s2 ep 5 - OH HELL NO [spoilers]

Read a few reviews after watching The Expanse season 2 episode 5 and I can agree to some of what is being written but other things I just cannot agree with. There's a scene in the show which some has described as beautiful, I say it was creepy, awkward and just NOPE. It was nothing beautiful about it.

[Spoilers below]

Miller is going to the core of Eros with his little nuke bomb. Eros is speeding fast toward Earth, risking the lives of everyone there. Miller realises a part of Julie's consciousness is still there, connected to Eros and the protomolecule. He says if he can talk to her he can stop her. So far, so good.

He follows a protomolecule bird (like why would she lead him the way, they have no previous connection - at least not on her side, this is just weird) into a room where he finds Julie. She's made of protomolecule, she's blueish and slightly transparent. She looks like she's laying in a dentist chair with loads of tubes attached to her body, everywhere. She's naked, but without nipples (and I'm assuming a southern region like Barbie). Almost floating, her hair flying. She looks very vulnerable and she says she wants to go home, she miss home (on Earth). It's like talking to a young girl with homesickness. A young girl in a naked woman's body, a woman who Miller has a crush on even though he's never met her, only when she was already dead. An idea of a woman he's never even had a conversation with.

The fact that Miller has a crush on her and that she's naked and vulnerable makes this scene already a bit cringey. But, and here is what other people rave as beautiful, Miller talks to her, caresses her cheek... and sacrifices himself for her. He embraces her and KISS her, which she let him do (why?). He lays his head on her chest in those last few seconds we see of them. She goes along. And then cut scene to Eros hitting down on Mars instead of Earth. I did not see this as a beautiful scene, it made me uncomfortable.

Sure, great that catastrophe was averted but... it gave me a bad aftertaste. A man taking advantage of a situation with a woman he has a crush on from chasing her all around space after seeing a photo of her and then her dead naked body. And now, he meets her (almost) in the flesh! Miller could finally touch and kiss the object of his desires, the idealised Julie Mao.

I like The Expanse overall, mostly because of the fantastic acting by Shohreh Aghdashloo as Chrisjen but this NOPE. I am so tired of naked women in sci-fi and men adoring them, or getting their way with them. Just no.

This sank the whole episode for me. This was a low point.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Violet Evergarden, age does matter

Violet Evergarden is a somewhat cute anime that has hit Netflix and I quite liked it until last week when I got two bad surprises in one episode (s1ep5). First, that Violet, the main character, is only 14... like whaaaat? Ok, I thought she was at least 16 from look/behaviour and how everyone is treating her (and the fact that she isn't in school). Now all of the sudden the last words of Gilbert, her guardian since years back, becomes less heart warming. He told a 14yo girl he's been guardian over for years that he loved her. Eh...

Second surprise was worse, it was the plot of the whole episode. It was about a princess who had fallen for a prince when she was 10 and he 20! She was now engaged to him and they wrote public love letters to each other and she's now 14. I mean... ok I have nothing against two consenting adults of 10+ age difference dating each other but she was 10 when they met for the first time (on her birthday when her parents paraded her around like a well bred horse to men, which is a whole other issue). Like... no, just no.

And nowhere in this episode did ANYONE feel like "Hey this isn't ok" but everyone was rooting for their relationship. If a 24yo would try shit with someone under 15 in Sweden (where I live) they could go to jail, in Violet Evergarden they get married*... apparently. The prince is clearly a paedophile, just sayin, so not such a romantic episode after all no matter how you try to frame it.

*Well aware this happens in other areas of the world, child marriage is never ok. Just to clarify.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Race to the edge s6ep5 - can you quit that shit?

How To Train Your Dragon has a series by the name Race to the Edge and here Netflix has just released season 6 and of course I'm watching*, but episode 5 really peeved me.

Ok, so the premise is that the twins has to go through some trials to become fully fledged Thorstons but since only one of them can get the honour they decide not to go through with the trials. But, their cousin try to coax them into entering. To Ruffnut he says that she should do it and win for her brother, give him the win because she will be ok but he will be a homeless outcast without the family name. So far, so good. But, when the cousin speaks to Tuffnut he says that without the family name his sister won't get married, she won't have a dowry yadayada...

I know it's supposed to be viking era but COME ON, seriously, the worst that can happen to Tuff is that he becomes homeless but to Ruff it's that she won't be able to marry? Talk about stereotyping. What annoys me is that this is aimed toward kids and they spew this kind of shit. Like, neither Ruff or Astrid has focused on family life, they're awesome as they are and skilled fighters so why not use something else, why go that sad shitty very walked road?

I just wish they could have taken another route, I mean, they could have just as easily used the same reasoning as they did with Tuff - that she could become homeless and outcast! Uuuurgh!

*If you're one of the adults who can't watch an animated show without a kid nearby I pity you.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Initital thoughts Altered Carbon (Netflix show)

Two episodes into Altered Carbon I can say it's glossy and fancy and such, it has an interesting mystery BUT I am so effin tired of these dystopian stories where women are trash, used and less than. I am so tired of women in series like these getting full frontal in every episode and fan service camera shots (like the one of Ortega in bed or the corpse in the water).

And no, it doesn't even out because we see one guy's dick or the chest of other men. I mean, we see more of the intro-woman surrounded by a snake than we do first time we see Tak in water!

I know the series is based on a book but I'm just so over this crap. I will continue to watch because of the overall story but it's basically a spank bank show just like GoT in the early days.

Friday, January 12, 2018

The Culture List

Last movie I got excited about:
A wrinkle in time!! Can't wait to see it in cinema. At first it would hit the theatres here at 9th of March which would be my B-day week (yes I celebrate a full week, live with it) but nope they moved it to 6th of April instead (nooooes).

Last book I read:
Still reading but on the home stretch by now: Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Last series I marathon watched:

Sleepy Hollow could fit the bill since I did see season 4 in a couple of days but the one that truly fit is Travelers season 2 which I saw in one day.

Last song I listened on repeat:
Hm... it must be either Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift or Silver Night by The Rasmus, probably the first one since I was addicted for a while there and listened to it over and over again.

Last performance you saw:
The play The Arrival based on Shaun Tan's book. It was amazing, I love how they made the scene and all the creatures, so imaginative!

Last restaurant you visited and ate at:
Cyrano, a pizzeria. A lunch with my mum on her birthday, I ate the one and only vegan pizza they have.

Three places I want to recommend:
Uuh no clue.

List snatched from Swedish bloggers Sandra Beijer and Elsa Billgren.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Non fiction list 2018

I'm working on 30 goals for 2018 and one of them is to read non fiction, at least 6 of them. I got the idea since I'm reading The art of asking by Amanda Palmer right now and stumbled upon Marina Abramović book Walk through walls which I immediately wanted to read. So, I wanted to read books written by unusual women.

At first I had this super goal of 12 books. I realised that would probably be a bit hard since I had a trouble finding books in the same spirit as Amanda's and Marina's plus the fact that I rarely enjoy non fiction (oh so many times I've bought non fiction just for it to collect dust).

Thanks to Good Reads I gathered 7 books that seemed interesting and I sat my goal to 6 books, if I read more great and if not great too.

The books I'm hoping to read this year:
  1. The art of asking by Amanda Palmer
  2. Walk through walls by Marina Abramovic
  3. #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
  4. Wild by Cheryl Strayed
  5. I'll never write my memoirs by Grace Jones
  6. First they killed my father by Loung Ung
  7. Hunger by Roxane Gay
I'm hoping for at least one a month, but we'll see. Maybe some will take longer.

I picked these because they would give me new and different perspectives. Nr 6 I picked because I was intrigued when I saw interviews about the movie with Angelina Jolie and the author, so I picked it despite it maybe not fitting in with the rest.

With these books above, does anyone have a suggestion of another book? :)

Sunday, November 12, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 11 and 12

Didn't write an update yesterday, was too tired since I had a cold coming over me (hopefully the worst passed this morning) but it went so-so yesterday if I remember correctly, except session 2 where the words were flying out. I know at least I got extra words in there, like 700+ but fluff brain over here has no attention span or memory so can't say much about it.

Today it took me first 2 hours to write first 1k and 1h to write the second 1,2k. I say I'm happy with that considering I woke up today with fever, sinus + body ache and runny nose.

It feels like I have a brain half full of snot, so really not the best day for writing. It also shows in the quality of what I wrote. It's like I get what I wanted to say but I'm not really getting there, not finding how I should go about saying it.

So everything between "Apparently, shit face and Theodore are friends." and "Unsure if she believed me. Don't care though." is just me pushing through despite the cold. xD Not much of a masterpiece there ;)

Let's just hope I have a better attention span and memory tomorrow, because I need to get the story back on track I feel. I did however at least have a good eye on the time today, always something.

Day 11: 2 746 words
Total word count: 28 338 words
Target, day 11: 18 333 words

Day 12: 2 221 words
Total word count: 30 559 words
Target, day 12: 20 000 words


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