Thursday, August 18, 2016

Great Expectations and the story of Estella

I watched Great Expectations (2012) and without prior knowledge of the story (only read David Copperfield and Oliver Twist by Dickens) it was almost a bit Tim Burtonesque, especially since Helena Bonham Carter was in it. I was bored by the first half hour but it grew more interesting later.

After reading the plot summary of the book on wiki I can see this was a bit more of a summary one can say with some slight changes. What truly got me though after watching the movie (cannot say if I would think the same after reading the book) was that I am more intrigued to know Estella's story than Pip's story, hers seem more interesting to me.

Why couldn't Dickens have written Estella's story too? There are so many questions!

How was it to grow up with Miss Havisham, what did she do after Pip stopped visiting, why did she marry Drummle and how were their days together - what did they do? And what happens when the book/movie ends and Estella's heart has opened and she meets Pip again, do they marry, do they get children, do they grow old together or what?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Creepy Dude Day

Today wasn't one of those days that I will look back on and go 'yeah, lovely day' despite eating my last mini donuts ever and trying vegan soft ice cream. I was out at town and walking across one of the squares when an old, skinny and grey haired man from foreign descent pass by me and say 'Hej bella' (Hello beautiful) which I gave a half smile to, mostly since I didn't know how to react. How he eyed me before he passed me felt like he stripped me of all my clothes, so not that pleasant.

Here I want to take the moment and tell you how I look today:
greasy hair pulled back in a bun, black playsuit (which basically looks like t-shirt and shorts) together with ballerina shoes and backpack.

Not feeling the sexiest in other words but clearly shorts makes men lose it more than skirts/dresses (which I usually wear) because the moment I wear shorts these kind of stuff always happens.

Let me continue.

After sipping on a mocha latte (on soy milk) and walking around in the hot sun I started to feel a little queasy so I decided to take the bus home, especially since the coffee didn't help with me feeling so tired.

I sit down on the seat by the window and the bus isn't even half full, a couple of people all around occupying the window seat. Then this man with a huge backpack comes and sit down by me. He manspread wide but I refuse to move my leg since I occupy my space I'm allowed to. He continues to sit like that and even has his arm against mine.

I don't push against him or anything, I just don't move. I have my backpack in my lap and my mug of mocha between my other leg and the wall. I stare out the window.

This guy adjusts a couple of times, I think his backpack is a bit heavy and slides down or something but he keeps on manspreading with his thigh against mine. At one point he put his hand on his lap so he elbows me in the arm but I stay quiet.

Now, here is the part that made this encounter less than cosy. After a while I feel his finger against my thigh which there was no need to because his hand could definitely fit properly on his own thigh. I couldn't see his hand since my backpack was in the way but before I got off I could swear I could feel at least one or even two fingers on my thigh. He had slowly moved his hand further and further toward my thigh. There is no way he wasn't aware of this.

So, I quickly get off at my bus stop and thankfully he doesn't get off too. I walk toward home and when I am closing in on the square where I live another man, thin haired, a bit bulky but not fat walk up from behind me and start talking to me. He asked if I live here because he just moved here and didn't have many friends and wanted a 'tjej...kompis' (girl... pal, his words) and wondered if I was interested.

I said I was only visiting, that I really lived in Gothenburg and he asked again if there was no chance I could be his 'girl pal' and I said no as friendly as I could and he took it really well (I was surprised because usually these guys are persistent as hell, I was even prepared to take a detour home in case he would keep on following me) but he said ok, I said good luck and he walked away. Before we went separate ways completely I said 'have a good day' and he said the same to me. That encounter was more about me remembering all the other times men have walked up to me with the same purpose and I felt trapped and couldn't shake them off since this guy was rather friendly.

After that I walked home and here I am writing this. My biggest question is after all that, why do these men always come out of the woodwork when I'm wearing shorts of some sort? I wasn't even dressed up today, I mean, I rushed out to go to physiotherapist so I didn't have time to wash my hair and still three guys today!

The last one was all right though, he seemed genuinely friendly and he really did take my no nicely and walked away and when he looked at me he didn't seem to strip me in his mind. Maybe, who knows we could have been friends if that was what he really wanted but what he really meant wasn't girl pal but girlfriend and yeah no thanks.

The other two though... *chills* and it really makes me want to burn all my shorts because I hate that kind of attention but I won't and I will still wear them because I will not let men like that dictate what I wear or not. If I want to wear shorts I will without being scared of being hit on or touched on by creepy dudes. I shouldn't conform to them, they should learn to respect women.

To the women reading this: Do not ever let anyone tell you what you can or cannot wear.
To the men reading this: Shorts is not an invitation to you, treat women with the same respect as you treat other men.

Monday, August 08, 2016

15% off notebooks!

School is around the corner for many so I thought I'd have a sale on notebooks (blank and lined!) for y'all!

Mostly because one of my most precious memories is when I went to the local book store with my mum before school started and picked out pens, erasers and whatnot for school. It was just something very magical about that. I, even to this day, feel autumn is a fresh new start, probably because the school year always started then. A fresh start need a new fresh notebook.

15% off on notebooks all of August with the coupon code: SCHOOLSTART

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Wonder Woman trailer

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for this. A FEMALE HERO MOVIE - FINALLY. AND! It seem to be seriously bad ass! Just one more year until it hits the cinema.

And in 2019 Captain Marvel will hit cinema...

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

NaNoWriMo thoughts

After still typing on my Magnolia-series (it never ends!) for July's Camp NaNoWriMo and coming to the realisation that 1k a day makes my writing better than pushing 2k a day I'm pondering about writing a whole other story for NaNoWriMo in November so to not fuck up the pacing/story of Magnolia Resurrection I'm currently writing on.

An idea I have is to pick up my idea of the children's book about a girl named Celia. I had initially thought of it as a picture book (that is max 1k words btw) but that is like 50 books if I would do that for NaNo in November xD so maybe not... but I have started to think about maybe writing a book for 9-12 yo instead after reading Goth girl by Chris Riddell (read it, you will love it as an adult too!).

I looked it up and that age group seem to have 20-55k word count which would fit right into the 50k goal of NaNoWriMo. Just an idea so far.

But who knows maybe crazy pants me will decide to continue on either book 1 or 2 for Magnolia in November anyway (yes, both of them are ongoing, started book 2 to get a thinking break from 1 and a bit into book 2 I came up with an idea for book 3... ehm...).

Friday, June 03, 2016

Mini-review: Grace & Frankie, season 1

After seeing Grace & Frankie being mentioned so many times on facebook by friends I thought I had to check it out, see what all the fuss was about, especially since people of all ages seemed to like it.

After finishing season 1 I can say I understand, it is a very sweet show with great actors which I feel are believable in their roles and the script is overall. I do however feel that the writers seem afraid to pinpoint Sol as bi which he clearly is since he loves both Robert and Frankie. It's a rather classical problem though in series or movies that bi characters only are pinpointed as gay. There need to be more bi representation.

What I really like though is that it's a series focused on people in their 70's, I feel more movies and series should dare to take on the stories and perspectives of older people. Series and movies about teens, young adults or people in their 30's are everywhere, it has saturated the market. It was about time a story about people later in life got the chance. Let's hope more series and movies will come.

I chuckled and I cried as I watched this show and I will definitely continue to watch season 2.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Journal prompt 16: The happiest moment in your week so far

Sadly I cannot remember. That must mean this week overall was rather neutral I guess since most of my happy times was when I watched series or movies, I was happy and giddy after watching 'Home' and I was happy when Claire made the choice I wanted her to make in 'Outlander' and so on.

I have to make it better next week.


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